Biophora System

The Biophora system consists of a two-part program:

Home Care Products + Clinical in-office treatments performed by a Biophora Technician.

It’s no longer a secret:  sun exposure, smoking, hormonal changes and ageing all cause, over the years, some unwanted reactions to the skin like a dull complexion, open pores, wrinkles, brown or age spots , blackheads (acne, pimples).

In fact, every day, your skin follows a natural cell renewal process, where old skin cells die and are replaced with new cells that are lifted from the basic layer between dermis and epidermis. A chemical peeling is an aesthetical medical technique used to reproduce and stimulate this cell renewal process, the action of which is less efficient with the passing years.  The peeling technique aims at eliminating the dermis of dead skin cells (surface layer of skin) and at stimulating the basic layer. The results are just amazing! You get a smoother and suppler skin.  You notice a reduction of wrinkles, sun spots and of skin roughness. ++

Description of an in-clinic peeling treatment

Chemical peelings are formulated to promote progressive and long-term results. Depending on the type of peeling you choose, there will be more or less significant desquamation. The occurrence of some edema, of a light burning sensation and of dryness of the skin may be the observable consequences of a peeling treatment.

Jolie Vie Spa offers different types of peelings, to better meet all your needs.